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At 07:58 1-07-97 -0400, you wrote:
>>It is a positive step, however I'm anxiously awaiting the
>stupid flames that
>>will arise and the stupid disparaging remarks that kept
>flaring up during
>>Deschall.  There's nothing wrong with it by virtue of what
>they are doing,
>>just that inevitably someone will say the wrong thing...
>Did there? I didn't notice much unfriendly stuff on the solnet
>lists. We'll
>just have to live with childish ppl everywhere, even in these
>kinds of
>efforts, not?

	I didn't notice any unfriendly stuff on the Des Challenge Lists
either, except that we had someone to compare ourselves to.  It
also gave us some ideas to shoot for (although our biggest
advantage--ultra-fast clients, was always ours).

	I don't even know where the comment that it cost us bundles of
keys came from.  Just because someone is on the 'other side'
does not mean their effort is wasted.  Competition is good for
this sort of thing--by making both sides work harder to beat
each other, since the cost of failure is so little, we create a
win/win situation. [1]

	Not long ago, they said that this kind of cracking couldn't be
accomplished within the lifetime of the data the encryption
protects.  I just want to make sure that it happens in my
lifetime.  I would be really happy if it was a Bovine client,
but I would still be happy if the winning key showed up with
some other effort.

[1] Aregh...gotta hurry up and finish reading "7 Habits".
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