[rc5] BSDI

Brian Young byoung at oru.edu
Wed Jul 2 12:53:03 EDT 1997

I have two machines running BSDI 2.1

I never could get either v1 client to work right, and so I was eagerly
awaiting the v2 client.  Well, it still hasn't come out, so I thought I
would try the FreeBSD v2 client. It works fine.  I have been running it
on my two BSDI machines for tweleve hours now, and without any ill

I just thought I would let any of you BSDI'ers out there in on the good

Of-course when the stats get back-up, (I heard that they are going to
start reporting platforms), the FreeBSD crowd will probably get big
heads becuase of the BSDI contributions.  :->

byoung at oru.edu
Brian Young
Internet Systems Admin
Oral Roberts University
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