[rc5] Running more RC-5 client tasks under OS/2

Denes Eglesz denes at ludens.elte.hu
Wed Jul 2 23:28:19 EDT 1997

Hello !
I joined this RC-5 cracking thing in the last week, but I have 

a question
about it:
Can I run more than one tasks of RC
5 client to improve the speed ?
I'm using OS/2 Warp 3.0, and one RC5 task only uses about 10 percent
of the CPU (accroding to Pulse).    I saw on one of the RC5 pages, that
I have to run 1 task for one processor. My machine has only 1 processor 
(intel Pentium 133), but I think it would do better results r
to run
multiple RC5 client tasks.
I'm waiting your answers.



(Denes Eglesz, Hungary)
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