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Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Wed Jul 2 19:40:48 EDT 1997

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997 09:39:23 -0700, Adam Haberlach wrote:

>At 07:58 1-07-97 -0400, you wrote:
>>>It is a positive step, however I'm anxiously awaiting the
>>stupid flames that
>>>will arise and the stupid disparaging remarks that kept
>>flaring up during
>>>Deschall.  There's nothing wrong with it by virtue of what
>>they are doing,
>>>just that inevitably someone will say the wrong thing...
>>Did there? I didn't notice much unfriendly stuff on the solnet
>>lists. We'll
>>just have to live with childish ppl everywhere, even in these
>>kinds of
>>efforts, not?
>	I didn't notice any unfriendly stuff on the Des Challenge Lists
>either, except that we had someone to compare ourselves to.  It
>also gave us some ideas to shoot for (although our biggest
>advantage--ultra-fast clients, was always ours).
>	I don't even know where the comment that it cost us bundles of
>keys came from.  Just because someone is on the 'other side'
>does not mean their effort is wasted.  Competition is good for
>this sort of thing--by making both sides work harder to beat
>each other, since the cost of failure is so little, we create a
>win/win situation. [1]
>	Not long ago, they said that this kind of cracking couldn't be
>accomplished within the lifetime of the data the encryption
>protects.  I just want to make sure that it happens in my
>lifetime.  I would be really happy if it was a Bovine client,
>but I would still be happy if the winning key showed up with
>some other effort.

I agree.  I'm a terribly competitive person, but I thought everything
was kept very friendly.  I wanted to "win" and did with DESCHALL, but I
thought nothing but the best of the Solnet folks.  I also agree that
competition encourages recruitment and higher keyrates.

Let's get this outta the way and prove that 64-bit RC5 can fall, too. 

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