[rc5] Serious setback?

explorer at flame.org explorer at flame.org
Thu Jul 3 01:07:12 EDT 1997

Am I just insane, or have some of the proxies been handing out bogus key
packets for a very long time now?

>From kidsat-pc.jpl.nasa.gov, my client has been getting the following
plaintext (pt) cyphertext (ct) and initialization vector (iv):

rc5-flame: 867450908: pt = 0x00000000000000.
rc5-flame: 867450908: ct = 0xB8624B3A74ED382.
rc5-flame: 867450908: iv = 0x8CDE17E68AF0327B.

Just today, this has stopped.  I have started getting a reasonable
plaintext comparison:

rc5-flame: 867887404: pt = 0x6E6B6E7520656854.
rc5-flame: 867887404: ct = 0xB8624B3A74ED382.
rc5-flame: 867887404: iv = 0x8CDE17E68AF0327B.

Does this mean a lot of people have wasted a lot of CPU on this, or
am I simply nuts?

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