[rc5] v2 clients

Oscar Chang oscarc at divideby0.com
Wed Jul 2 23:28:18 EDT 1997

On Tue, 01 Jul 97 15:41:18 -0500, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:

>Huh?  Does netstat.exe make Injoy dial in when DOD is enabled? 
>Assuming it doesn't, you could just run netstat after every block and
>check to see if the connection was up.  -flush and -fetch if it was.

  No, the actualy -flush/-fetch would case In-Joy to dial in. In-Joy's dod
works like this.
  Even if the modem hangs up, In-Joy keeps the the ppp0 in the routing
table. When it detects a need to send/recieve data it will dial in, the
only thing on the computer that knows it's not connected with the modem is
Injoy (maybe you if you look) but other then that, everything is still
setup as if it's connected. So netstat would be fooled into thinking
that's connected when it isn't. That would cause a computer do dial in
whenever a block is finished even if your really not connected.

>>  Btw, don't hold your breath on the GUI version. :)  
>Well, there's a bit of a learning curve, especially if you're doing PM
>program from scratch instead of using class libraries.


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