[rc5] [koenig@tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de: rc3v2 client suggestions]

Harald Koenig koenig at tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Jul 3 12:38:04 EDT 1997


I just uploaded and started rc5v2 clients for Linux/PPro.
here are a few questions and suggestions:

- where can I find the sources ?  I need some local changes for
  run priority settings (and maybe I'd like to run it on SGI IRIX 5.3 too).
  right now I'm using an external program which sets scheduling class first
  and then execs rc5v2, but I'd like to have this in one binary if possible.

- what should be the difference between binaries for intel P5 and P6 ?
  benchmarks didn't show *any* differencs  (using PPro200)

- to would be nice if ini-file and esp. in/out buffer file can be specified
  on command line (or at least an extension).  

  right now I need a separate directory for every host/cpu (smp dual-ppro)
  in order not to clobber buffer files  (we have common home dirs and I don't
  want to use local /tmp or similar...)

  plus I need multiple copies of the ini-files (or symlinks) when running
  binaries for different archtictures (e,g, p5, p6, irix, ...)

- one host filled up the log file (stdout/stderr) with *tonns* of

	Buffer is locked 2 - waiting 1 second.
	Buffer is locked 2 - waiting 1 second.

  messages.  killing and restarting fixed it  (but if I wouldn't have seen it...).
  I'm always buffering 10 keys, so the buff-in.rc5 file should be ~1200 bytes long,
  but for this hangup/look this file was ony 256 bytes (I've removed it before restarting...).
  maybe this can give a pointer to the problem ?

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