[rc5] keyspace flaw

Benedikt Eric Heinen beh at icemark.ch
Sun Jun 1 21:35:02 EDT 1997

> That's what any sane "other" group would do, that is, they'd join what
> ever group has already covered the most ground. Unless they have some
> problem with Project Gutenberg, or just want to take as much time as is
> possible.
OK, still - even there I'd see the random distribution an advantage (as
weird as it may sound):

  I we use random block assignment we also discourage competing efforts,
and instead rather encourage users to join here.

  If we continue to use sequential block assigned, any other group could
start off with the same amount of covered ground (as I explained earlier),
and also start off in a way that we might pretty soon only following their
tracks. If we use random block assigned and someone wants to start another
effort, (s)he'd have to do everything again; and therefore would probably
be more tempted to join in here.

  Now - is that reasoning right or wrong?



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