[rc5] keyspace flaw

marcus at dfwmm.net marcus at dfwmm.net
Sun Jun 1 16:19:49 EDT 1997

Benedikt Eric Heinen wrote:
> OK, still - even there I'd see the random distribution an advantage (as
> weird as it may sound):
>   I we use random block assignment we also discourage competing efforts,
> and instead rather encourage users to join here.
>   If we continue to use sequential block assigned, any other group could
> start off with the same amount of covered ground (as I explained earlier),
> and also start off in a way that we might pretty soon only following their
> tracks. If we use random block assigned and someone wants to start another
> effort, (s)he'd have to do everything again; and therefore would probably
> be more tempted to join in here.
>   Now - is that reasoning right or wrong?

The only flaw I see is that as soon as anyone else's effort becomes
the bovine servers will be modified to start allocating from top down or
randomly. ;-)
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