[rc5] Offline cracking, etc?

Neilen Marais brick at cryogen.com
Mon Jun 2 00:00:22 EDT 1997


I'm wondering how long a rc5 proxy server will wait for a block to be 
returned before giving up on it?  I'm asking, because one machine I'm 
cracking on takes a bit more than 24hrs to do a block hehe.

Also, if I were to install a proxy server myself, how long could I go w/o 
connected to the net?  I'm asking, because while I'm at university, my home 
computer does pretty much nothing, but I could get it to connect to the net 
every now and then, but probably not more than about 2 times a week...  

Also, I see in the benchmarks page that there are two versions of the linux 
client, and the one seems slightly faster than the other, yet only the one 
is on the download list?


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