[rc5] personal proxy segfaults

Friedemann Baitinger baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de
Mon Jun 2 01:25:53 EDT 1997

On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, Jeff Lawson wrote:

> >6/1/97 18:35:40--The Bovine Personal UNIX Proxy (Build 135)
> >6/1/97 18:35:40--Using './proxyper.ini' for configuration.
> >Segmentation fault
> >
> >Any ideas? Any special requirements on the shared libraries?
> You need the latest beta clib for the dynamic version to work.  Either
> download them, or use the staticly linked one.

Thanks, I'm using the staticly linked version now, this works, except
there is a little problem with the timestamps in the log file, they're
behind by 2 hours.

If I type 'date' on the commandline I get:

(2)baiti at zenon>date
Mon Jun 02 00:04:57 MET DST 1997

However, the proxy shows 

6/1/97 22:04:28--ready=42....

Friedemann Baitinger           baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de

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