[rc5] Is there a "generic" clietn source available?

marcus at dfwmm.net marcus at dfwmm.net
Sun Jun 1 20:51:44 EDT 1997

I don't need anything fancy, just some pure, unoptimized, c code.
I'd like to try porting it to a DSP that resides on a PC(ISA)
card just to see what it could do.

This does not have to be the latest version of anything. The
"core" RC5 key generating, expanding, and crypto decoding stuff
would be sufficient. At the very least I'd like to see how
many cycles or ops it takes to make, expand, and check a key.

All I have to measure today is a 6x86 at 133Mhz, and if you
assume 1 instruction(op)/Hz, the keywork seems to take about
900-1100 ops for each key(130-145Kkeys/sec). That seems to
be a lot more than would be necessary after looking at the
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