[rc5] keyspace flaw

Eric Hustvedt hustvedt at mojorisin.ultranet.com
Mon Jun 2 16:32:50 EDT 1997

>Currently the clients that we are using a those from the original Genx
>effort.  Once we release the new clients this week, the codebase should be
>sufficiently different that it might be possible for a copyright to stand
>up legally.

Being the idealist that I am, I'd vote for putting the code in the public
domain. If only because it would be in keeping with the fundamental mission
of this project, which is to prove that the US government is being
foolhardy in limiting the strength of encryption software. I'm not in it
for the money, and anybody who is probably should pull out a calculator and
figure out the probability of finding the 1 key in 72 quadrillion..... :)

On a different subject, I'd be willing to help out with a BeOS AAPR version
of the new client, since I assume the MacOS client is already covered.

hustvedt at mojorisin.ultranet.com

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