[rc5] keyspace flaw

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Tue Jun 3 12:53:33 EDT 1997

At 12:44 PM 6/3/97 -0600, Sean Reifschneider wrote:
>On Tue, Jun 03, 1997 at 07:30:36PM +0200, Benedikt Eric Heinen wrote:
>>which would indicate that 5.03% of all possible blocks weren given out -
>>1.77% reported back, 3.26% didn't. That leaves enough distance between 0
>That's pretty amazing!  I'm real curious if those numbers are correct.
>It would seem to indicate that for every keyblock that's done there are
>nearly two that are checked out and not returned.  Does this indicate
>that people are picking up the clients, running them for 15 minutes and
>getting bored and stopping?  Perhaps a smaller key-block size would
>increase production by up to 200%?

No, they're not correct and I don't know why people keep assuming that
we're strictly going in order starting from zero.  We've picked up and
moved around a couple of times already and have played with random
distribution at times.

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