[rc5] keyspace flaw

Chris Carlin volkris at cryogen.com
Wed Jun 4 03:08:47 EDT 1997

Henry W Miller wrote:

> aren't searched, we should assume that unreturned blocks are partially
> searched.  Any server devoted to recycling keys *SHOULD* report half

If we go all the way through the keyspace and don't find they magic key,
then when we begin recycling pre-distributed keyblocks, maybe we should
modify the clients to work them backwards to increase the chance that
they will hit the key sooner (this is assuming some of the blocks are
half way done already). If they hit sooner, they have less of a chance
of crashing or being stopped before reporting back to the server a
possible hit.

Forgive the way the previous paragraph didn't make sense, I'm running on
Jolt at the moment... :)

Chris Carlin

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