[rc5] Transitioning personal proxy builds without losing keys...

Jot Powers jot at tmp.medtronic.com
Wed Jun 4 14:07:50 EDT 1997

I need to transition between the old version of the personal proxy
to the newer version, but I don't want to lose

1) Keys waiting to be notified
2) Keys I have retrieved from the servers.

My thought was to edit the .ini file and lower minkeysready and
maxkeysready to 1, set my threshold to 1, and then when I get
there to kill it and start the new one.

Is there a better way?

One would be to save the keys I have queued (on both ends) to disk
and then have the new one read them in and go (relatively) seamlessly,but
that doesn't appear to be an option.

On another note, the personal proxy is working great.  Tuesday night
my network lost connectivity for close to 5 hours and when it came back
I notified the 138 keys I had waiting and returned to work.  Means I only
lost about 2 hours.

Today my connection has been very sporadic and I haven't seen any downtime.

(The funny thing is that normally my net connection is very reliable)
Jot Powers 		
Unix System Administrator, Medtronic Micro-Rel
jot at tmp.medtronic.com
"Sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation."
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