[rc5] Proxy problem

Don Rude donr at hbp.com
Wed Jun 4 18:30:17 EDT 1997

My proxy (rc5proxy.hbp.com running on SGI Indy IRIX 5.3)
can't seem to cache more than 100 blocks.  Is this a limitation?
I would also like to know exactly what all the options in the INI file
do so I can tweak my server.  The INI is self explanatory but
I don't quite follow it all.  Here is my current INI:
> [keyserver]
> ipaddress=        ;address of keyserver
> port=2056               ;port on keyserver to talk into
> workperiod=60           ;minimum seconds between network accesses
> threshold=5             ;minimum streaming block size (number of keyblocks)
> [keyproxy]
> ipaddress=              ;local IP to bind to (or leave blank for all)
> port=2056               ;local port to listen to
> timeout=10              ;timeout for dead incoming connection
> backlog=10              ;incoming TCP connection backlog
> [options]
> minkeysready=110        ;proxy will try to maintain this minimum
> maxkeysready=200        ;proxy won't fetch more keys than this value
> logfile=/disk2/usrA-D/drude/bin/proxy.log ;logfile

And a little snippet from the current log
> 6/4/97 21:23:02--ready=99  notify=0  uptime=20.1 hrs  avgrate=2.2 Mkeys/sec
> 6/4/97 21:24:49--Client at has completed checking a key block.
> 6/4/97 21:24:49--Client at requesting key block.
> 6/4/97 21:25:02--ready=98  notify=1  uptime=20.2 hrs  avgrate=2.2 Mkeys/sec

I tired setting the minkeyready even higher but it didn't matter.
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