[rc5] Proxy problem

Jot Powers jot at tmp.medtronic.com
Wed Jun 4 16:17:48 EDT 1997

> My proxy (rc5proxy.hbp.com running on SGI Indy IRIX 5.3)
> can't seem to cache more than 100 blocks.  Is this a limitation?

It is my understanding that the personal proxy is limited to having
100 keys ready.

> > [keyserver]
> > ipaddress=        ;address of keyserver

Unless DNS doesn't work for you round robin, this should probably be

> > port=2056               ;port on keyserver to talk into
> > workperiod=60           ;minimum seconds between network accesses
> > threshold=5             ;minimum streaming block size (number of keyblocks)

I've bumped this up to 20.  This appears to have the affect of waiting
to send blocks to the server until I have 20 in notifyPool as well
as trying to maintain maxkeysready - threshold keys available (ie
80 in my case)

> > 
> > [keyproxy]
> > ipaddress=              ;local IP to bind to (or leave blank for all)
> > port=2056               ;local port to listen to
> > timeout=10              ;timeout for dead incoming connection
> > backlog=10              ;incoming TCP connection backlog
> > 
> > [options]
> > minkeysready=110        ;proxy will try to maintain this minimum

I left mine at 10.  However it appears to be overridden by threshold
as I showed above.

> > maxkeysready=200        ;proxy won't fetch more keys than this value

I think this can be any number, it's just that anything over 100
is considered a very large value of 100.  :)  (ie, no more than 100)

Here is a snippet from my logfile showing the threshold stuff I've

6/4/97 22:04:02--Client at requesting key block.
6/4/97 22:04:08--   readyPool=81   notifyPool=21   uptime=6.0 days   avgrate=2.6
6/4/97 22:04:31--Transmitted 21 keys to server
6/4/97 22:05:01--   readyPool=81   notifyPool=0   uptime=6.0 days   avgrate=2.6
6/4/97 22:11:33--Client at has completed checking a key block.
6/4/97 22:11:33--Client at requesting key block.
6/4/97 22:12:01--   readyPool=80   notifyPool=1   uptime=6.0 days   avgrate=2.6
6/4/97 22:12:02--Welcome to rc5proxy.distributed.net (opus)
6/4/97 22:12:21--Retrieved 20 keys from server

Also, you can have more than maxkeysready currently at your proxy.  In my
case, when I lost my connection I ended up with 138 keys in my notify
pool (and 0 in my ready)

Jot Powers 		
Unix System Administrator, Medtronic Micro-Rel
jot at tmp.medtronic.com
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