[rc5] 56 bits seem to be enough

Dave Ashley dash at netcom.com
Wed Jun 4 17:04:14 EDT 1997

It would seem the stats are holding at around 5.5 years to complete
the 56 bit RSA crack. The whole point of the exercise was to prove
to the government that 56 bit keys are not sufficient, and given the
huge amount of distributed computing power already involved I'm of
the opinion that instead you've managed to prove the opposite.

At any rate, what does it matter? People can still use RSA with 64
bit keys or more.

What I wonder is if there is a better method of finding the key
than exhaustive search--and that the government knows of this method
and is keeping it secret. If they can do that what hope do we have,
other than to create custom encryption methods for each task?
Dave Ashley
dash at netcom.com
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