FW: [rc5] 56 bits seem to be enough

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Wed Jun 4 21:02:23 EDT 1997

On Wed, Jun 04, 1997 at 09:10:31PM -0400, Fedor Kouranov wrote:
>each year. If it's feasible to crack 56 bit in 1997, then 64 bit will fail
>in 2001 - you can add 2 bits per year. Thus, 128 bits is likely to hold *at
>least* until 2033, unless it's cracked or a quantum computer is built. Will
>Essentially, we need variable-key-length methods, such as RSA (public key)
>and RC5 (conventional). Then it will be safe to use, say, 10Kbit keys in

Remember that encryption algorighms aren't comparable when you talk bits.
As I understand it, IDEA at 128 bits is about as good as RSA at much
larger bit-counts.

My machine can build RSA-2048 keys acceptably fast, so I'm happy.  :-)

This all reminds me of my new car though.  It uses a laser-cut key --
pretty nifty.  However, I've NEVER known somone who had the locks to
their cars picked open.  "Let's see, I could pick the lock, or use this
rock on the window..."  All this means to me is that I have to pay
$70 for a replacement key...

I once watched a professional locksmith try to pick the lock on a 1990
Tercel -- certainly not the flagship of that maker.  This car used the
"standard" double sided keys, but what was unique about it was that
the locks had pins using BOTH sides of the key (instead of just one
like many cars), and the lock cabling was all running in conduit so a
slim-jim wouldn't work.

Another story: cars are getting harder and harder to break into, espcially
if you want to get away with the whole car.  So, theives are waiting until
YOU unlock the car, then confronting you at gun-point to get the car.
Thanks, I think I preferred the old method...

Why break RSA whan you can take the PGP sources and install a trojan on a
machine which e-mails the attacker the pass-phrase?

 What we see depends on mainly what we look for.
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