[rc5] 56 bits seem to be enough

Chris Carlin volkris at cryogen.com
Thu Jun 5 03:21:08 EDT 1997

Well, consider this:
There's more to the effort than just trying to prove the US government
wrong, and I think stressing the US side of things will only serve to
lessen the amount of international involvement in the project.

For one thing, there is the matter of the money. While it's not the
reason any sane person well informed of the odds would help, it's there.

Then there's the "because it's there" reason. If I'm not mistaken (and I
could easily be wrong), 56 bit encryption has never been broken before.
Us trying to break it is like people climbing Mt. Everest. They just
want to do it.

There's also the technology standpoint. We are proving that distributed
computing is feasible and that it can actually be used to accomplish
something. Who knows, one of us might come up with some phenominal new
way of rigging the clients and servers that will boost distributed
computing to a daily occurance.

You never know...

Chris Carlin
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