[rc5] bored? No, Windows 95!

Tristan Horn tristan at ethereal.net
Thu Jun 5 02:32:51 EDT 1997

On Thu, 5 Jun 1997 SMEarp at aol.com wrote:
> >Windows 95 crashes? It's more stable then a Mac

You misspelled 'than'.  You are comparing an operating system to a 
computer.  Not only is it a Bad Thing to send such lameass one-line email,
but you quoted the entire original message.  So, die.

> I have not (literally) had to restart my heavily used 60MHz PowerMac in 
> over a year (I'm dead serious).

If that thing is running MacOS, I don't believe you.

> In a related note, just tonight the Win '95 machine I was working on
> had 4 separate "Illegal instruction" errors, from Netscape and Word,
> the last one requiring a restart.  Soo.... I must respond: Mac crashes?
> It's more stable than Windows 95.  :o)

Yeah, all operating systems crash.  This is not the place for OS wars,
however.  Take it to comp.*.evangelism or something.


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