[rc5] keyspace flaw

Benedikt Eric Heinen beh at icemark.ch
Thu Jun 5 19:49:12 EDT 1997

> Now, can we please kill this thread?
> PS: I also have one good reason why sequential blocks are better than
>     random ones, so don't even think about bringing that up... :)

I'm sorry, but there's something going wrong here...

  At first, I try to give arguments *FOR* random block distribution. Some
people come along say this is not a good idea, since it would decrease the
chance of cooperation between bovine and possible other efforts.
  Following that, I come up with an idea to improve the situation for a
possible cooperation, and all I hear is 'can we please kill this thread'?
Is there any special reason *AGAINST* constructive comments? ;)



          Hiroshima '45           Chernobyl '86           Windows '95

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