[rc5] key security question

Don Rude donr at hbp.com
Thu Jun 5 19:17:27 EDT 1997

Benedikt Eric Heinen wrote:
> I'd say - for most security, I'd probably go and encrypt a file using

	If ALL you are worried about is totally secure encryption...
well you have all got it wrong.  There is a single mathematically proven
encryption scheme.  (Proven that it can't be broken) And it is very
simple.  Using XOR (Trust me on this...) if you use any one key only a
single time (AKA only encrypt one message with any one key) and a key
that is AS long as the message... it CAN NOT be broken.

	All this debate seems a little silly to me since I've read most of the
RSA stuff (And have a resonable math/computer background).  The point of
the contest was to show that the US government should allow longer bit
encryption schemes to be exported.  The US government considers any
encryption stronger than 56 bit a MUNITION.  PGP w/ 1024 (until very
recently) was treated like a GUN.  It was illegal to export it.

	That's my two cents and I now quietly back out of this thread.
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