[rc5] rc5-vax.exe

Don Rude donr at hbp.com
Thu Jun 5 19:30:37 EDT 1997

The recompiled client I posted for OpenVMS 6.1 and Multinet 3.5 doesn't
seem to work to well.... I gave it nearly three hours for a key block
with no success.

BUT the benchmark (Timed with my wristwatch) takes 2Min 13Sec
(With about 5 users logged in) Meanwhile an SGI Indy takes about 10Sec
for the benchmark.

BTW:  Who ever it was at Bovine that decided to post the binary I
compiled...  Thanks.  But please note:  The link from your client page
is wrong AND I should recompile a generic version.  There is no command
line equiv of the '-a' so I compiled in the address of MY proxy server. 
I should compile in rc5proxy.distributed.net instead.

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