[rc5] key security question

Benedikt Eric Heinen beh at icemark.ch
Sun Jun 8 14:14:47 EDT 1997

> > 3DES does not give 3x the protection of DES -- from what I recall it's
> > something more like 1.3x the protection from what I recall.
> I've read some books labeled "not for export" that claim TDES is better 
> then IDEA, and the most secure encryption avaibal.  I'm not going to go 
> into more details due to the international nature of this list.  (When I 
> break the law I'm going to at least spread something useful, this 
> argument isn't useful)

Still, as it is called 'TRIPLE'something, it means, that you used a
certain algorithm three times to achieve a better result. In much the same
way, you could build TIDEA [Triple IDEA] to get something more secure than
TDES. Or use QDES [Quadruple DES].  What I mean to say is, saying 'Triple
something' is the most secure method, than doesn't that sound like utter 
nonsense? You can always put one more layer on there...

  Or does TDES something else than just applying DES three times?

> > 256-bits is enough to uniquely identify every atom which makes up
> > the earth...  We're talking REAL big numbers here.
> Someone told me the entire universe.  I don't feel like getting out my 
> physics books and doing the calculations.  

Well, 256 means *ONLY*
possible combinations... ;)



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