[rc5] Statistics

Michael Bruck micha at tecnet.de
Tue Jun 10 22:53:03 EDT 1997

RSA Crack Team wrote:
> > > For some reason their names did not get Rev. DNS resolution.
> > >
> > No, rev. DNS works and they don't show up as IP addresses.
> >
> Are those machines using a personal proxy to get the keys? In that
> case
> only the proxy will appear in the statistics.
No. The problem is definitly not on my side. If someone with
access to the server wants to investigate into this:

on bravo.Ins-CoIn.DE I see this key beeing
precessed and submitted:

rc5-56-client: Obtaining Key Mask from ``master5.rh1.iit.edu:2056''.
rc5-56-client: Welcome to rc5proxy.distributed.net (opus)
rc5-56-client: Received Keyspace Mask 0x0000000FFFFFFF
rc5-56-client: Start Key 0x0D020C30000000, trying 268435456 keys.
rc5-56-client: Processed 222264.73 keys per second.
rc5-56-client: Keyspace Exhausted in 20.13 minutes.
rc5-56-client: [0x0D020C30000000 -> 0x0D020C3FFFFFFF]
rc5-56-client: Notifying Key Server ``master5.rh1.iit.edu''

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