[rc5] Solaris client slow?

Trey Valenta trey at zipcon.net
Thu Jun 12 17:08:01 EDT 1997

Appologies is this is already been touched on, but my client seems to be
awfully slow. I am running Solaris 2.5.1 on a 100MHz Sparc 20 and my
dinky win95 box (486/66 with about no RAM).

My Sparc is doing about 67000 keys per second at most. It's of course
slower at times but for the most part the load is normally low. My Win95
box does about 44000 keys/s. It's load is null as this only exists for
cc:Mail (i.e. Devil's work).

Other machines I've checked on are reporting these numbers....
Lenin (60mhz ppc 601) = 44583.15 keys/sec
timur (333mhz Alpha) = 262227.95 keys/sec, some load, process at -20
stte-4400 (200mhz ppc 603e) = 312500 keys/sec, no load (MacOS)
kudzu (40mhz SPARC 2) = 22000 keys/sec, loaded (running CDE)
console (33mhz 486) = 22000 keys/sec, almost no load (syslog is only daemon)
crunch (200mhz PPro) = 225000 keys/sec, some load, process at -20
douglass (166mhz Pent) = 125000 keys/sec (NT)
public-lc475 (25mhz 68LC040) = 11000 keys/sec (MacOS)

I know a P166 is a nice little machine, but is it really 2-3x faster
than the sparc20? Any comments or clues?


Trey Valenta	trey at zipcon.net		

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