[rc5] Solaris client slow?

Fred Bremmer fredb at cc.matsuyama-u.ac.jp
Fri Jun 13 11:06:17 EDT 1997

At 4:08 PM -0700 6/12/97, Trey Valenta wrote:
>My Sparc is doing about 67000 keys per second at most.

I had similar performance on a couple of Sparc systems, until I noticed
(with "ps") that the rc5 client was never getting more than 50% of the CPU
time. Since the same client was getting 99% of the CPU time on other
Solaris systems, I figured there must be some built-in limit on how much
CPU time a job can get on those systems. My solution is to run two clients
on the limited machines, and it works great. Each client is processing
between 60,000 and 75,000 keys per second, for a total between 120,000 and
150,000 kps.

Try it, and see what you get.


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