[rc5] cracking the email needed

Nasir Aliani nasir at cli.net
Fri Jun 13 16:40:09 EDT 1997


I just got the job only 15 days before now I heard a rumour that they r
firing me the person who fire me I want to crack his email mailbox and get
the email I dont konow how to crack the email mailbox Please help me how to
retrieve his email with out knowing him and if I cant I want you please
carck his email mailbox and get me the forwarded email to me . his email is
   piaplng at www.fascom.com I want to get his all email every day please do
it for me and also tell me how to email can be crack and email can be
retrive. I also want want to know what software should I use to hack and
crack other internet account what software I should find that generate
codes and break the passwords.I dont have serve of Unix I obly connect to
provider useing WIN95.

but please crack the email and get the email to me.

Waitng for response.

nasir at cli.net

Nasir Aliani

Nasir Aliani
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