[rc5] Suggestions

Adam B. Roach adam.roach at ericsson.com
Fri Jun 13 11:32:41 EDT 1997

Howdy. I'm currently participating in the rc5 bovine team
(with pmack at rogue-ent.com), and have a couple of suggestions that
may help speed things up.

First, it may be a good idea to modify some of the clients
so that, when they are unable to contact the key server
(which happens a lot with my machine, since my dialup provider
is flaky), instead of going idle, they start testing random
keys. It's not going to exhaust the keyspace any faster, but
it does give an outside chance of "tripping" on the answer.

Second, you may want to set up some proxies that communicate
with HTTP. I know this sounds silly at first, but the company
I work for (and I know several other companies do the same thing)
have a non-SOCKS firewall in place, with a web proxy available.
Since the amount of communication with the server is minimal,
the slowdown effected by going through a web proxy would be
insignificant. I could add a ton of resources, including a few 
high-end multiprocessor machines, to the soup if you were to set 
something like that up.

(If you need elaboration about how to use HTTP to set such a
scheme up, I have a lot of experience with that sort of thing
and could give you some pointers).

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