[rc5] Suggestions

Trey Valenta trey at zipcon.net
Fri Jun 13 11:06:38 EDT 1997

> Second, you may want to set up some proxies that communicate
> with HTTP. I know this sounds silly at first, but the company
> I work for (and I know several other companies do the same thing)
> have a non-SOCKS firewall in place, with a web proxy available.
> Since the amount of communication with the server is minimal,
> the slowdown effected by going through a web proxy would be
> insignificant. I could add a ton of resources, including a few 
> high-end multiprocessor machines, to the soup if you were to set 
> something like that up.

Kindof but not really kludgy, netcat is wonderful for a workaround in
these situations. I can only get out via ports 23 and 80 from my work.
If for some reason I need to get out from port 1234 to only machine
foo.com, I can set port 1234 on my system to redirect to port 80 on a
helping machine outside of my domain. Then have the second machine
redirect incoming port 80 connections out to port 1234 of the server
that I need to get to.

Fortunately, rc5 lets me specify port 23 so life is OK.

Trey Valenta	trey at zipcon.net		

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