Stats on personal proxies (and Re: [rc5] Play fair.)

Donald J. Rude donr at
Fri Jun 13 14:10:29 EDT 1997

Thomas A. Gunter wrote:
> I'm running a personal proxy on a Linux box.  I'd like to be able to easily
> see how much of the load each of my machines connecting to it is doing.

	I don't quite understand the question but I'll answer it a couple ways.
The load of the proxy server on your CPU?  I would use `top`
The number of blocks turned in by each host?  `cat proxy.log | grep -c`
      (Well... whatever the hosts IP is.)
The overall speed of the proxy server (AKA keys done/proxy uptime)?
`tail proxy.log`
      (The proxy server calculates this automatically and puts it in the

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