[rc5]Stats on personal proxies

Thomas A. Gunter tag at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Jun 13 14:00:15 EDT 1997

At 1:10 PM -0400 6/13/1997, Donald J. Rude wrote:

>Thomas A. Gunter wrote:
>> I'm running a personal proxy on a Linux box.  I'd like to be able to easily
>> see how much of the load each of my machines connecting to it is doing.
>	I don't quite understand the question but I'll answer it a couple ways.

Sorry -- I wasn't clear.

I meant I'd like to see stats for each of my machines like the stats the at

As we all know, you can get blocks done, time working, last seen and Avg
Kkeys/sec for a host or subnet there.  But when using a personal proxy,
only the proxy machine is listed.

One of the reasons I'm using a personal proxy is so all of my machines
don't show up in the listings.  But I'd still like to be able to get those
stats for myself.

It's not something essential to the effort; just something that would be
informative for users of the personal proxies.

(I wasn't clear whe I used "load" to mean share of the number of keys done
reported for that personal proxy server.)

>The number of blocks turned in by each host?  `cat proxy.log | grep -c

And divide by two, since there's a log entry for getting a block and for
returning the block.

I'm doing something similar by using 'grep completed proxy.log > done.log'
then ftping to a Mac or Win box and dumping the file into MS Excel and
doing a COUNTIF function for each IP address.

If the log format of the actual proxy servers is the same as the personal
proxy (which I doubt), the same script used on
rc5.distributed.net/stats/search.cgi would work.

Hope this makes sense,

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