Stats on personal proxies (and Re: [rc5] Play fair.)

Brett McCormick brett at
Fri Jun 13 17:56:43 EDT 1997

I've got a personal proxy stats script I'd be happy to share, although
it doesn't calculate load or anything, it just processes the log file. I'll put a link to the
source shortly..

I need to redo the way it calculates kkps per second -- is there a way
I could find out how it is currently being done?

On Fri, 13 June 1997, at 10:16:15, Thomas A. Gunter wrote:

> I'm running a personal proxy on a Linux box.  I'd like to be able to easily
> see how much of the load each of my machines connecting to it is doing.
> Has anyone done any scripting for a personal proxy that would do this?
> I've just been dumping the log into Excel and running it through some
> processing, but that's getting old.
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