[rc5] personal proxy

Christopher J. Reimer reimer at doe.carleton.ca
Fri Jun 13 20:06:20 EDT 1997

	Hi, I am having problems with your personal proxy.
It was working fine, but now it is having problems get
and sending keys to any of the servers.  Because of this,
I have lost about 50 completed key  blocks, and I can only
retrieve 1 key block at a time from some of the keyservers,
when I am lucky.

	My proxyserver is on, could you 
please check this out.  You're losing about 5Mkeys/sec 

A soul destroyed, with clever toys, for little boys
its inevitable, inevitable, its a soul destroyed!

				Thom E. York

Christopher Reimer
reimer at doe.carleton.ca
PGP Public Key available at web site, PGP Keyservers, ID 171F8CF1,
or "finger"ing reimer at www.doe.carleton.ca

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