[rc5] Dial on Demand dialer

jmanning at raleigh.ibm.com jmanning at raleigh.ibm.com
Sat Jun 14 10:59:41 EDT 1997

>Does anyone have a suggestion for a good dial on demand package?  All
>machines are win95 with 16 meg RAM minimum.  I also have a PPro 200
>machine at home, running NT 4.0, which I would like to use, but again I
>need the dial on demand software.

I'm hardly a 95/NT expert, but I *thought* 95/NT had built-in 
dial on demand ability.

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Internet -> Connection -> Dialing
Check the box that says "Connect to the Internet as needed", and setting
the Dial-up networking connection to use.


James Manning
AIX Systems Administrator - IBM PC Server Performance Group
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