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Sat Jun 14 17:09:54 EDT 1997

this was posted to an internal customer maillist and i figured it might be
useful to those contributing banners.

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I used it to create my link-exchange graphic and it was successful in
reducing the file size. There was no perceivable reduction in color or
clarity. Good luck, isn't sharewhare great?

Randall F. Hansen
Dearborn Internet Design
rfhansen at dbninternet.com

Hi everyone,
A while back, I came across a web site (via link-exchange) that can help
shrink the size of a gif file. you can check it out at 
My question is has anyone else been to this site, and what do you think. 
I believe it is a great tool to help make pages load quickly, without
giving up too much  image quality.

Tom Conklin
Tarkus Systems

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