[rc5] Dial on Demand dialer

Donald J. Rude donr at hbp.com
Sat Jun 14 18:57:00 EDT 1997

Tim Charron wrote:
> > >Does anyone have a suggestion for a good dial on demand package?  All
> With Win95, Microsoft's ISDN 1.1 upgrade makes this more seamless

	Yes, Win95 will bring up the connection dialog automatically, BUT it
does not want to connect without user intervention (approval).  I have
set my 'Internet' control panel to disconnect my machine after 5 minutes
idle time.  I am also using a package called DUNCE (From
http://www.windows95.com/ ) that is shareware that automatically prosses
the 'CONNECT' button for me when ever that dialog appears.  I has
several other nice features to help automate the dial process.

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