[rc5] RC5 stats

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Sun Jun 15 01:19:24 EDT 1997

Iestyn D.Bleasdale-Shepherd wrote:

> I have a small suggestion, which you may of course choose to ignore.
> I think that you should be able to view all the domains submitting to an
> email team (of course in the case of linux at ... you could do 100 per page
> with a 'Next 100' link at the bottom) and perhaps also the _fastest_
> domain (there are some kane-ass supercomputers at **.qut.edu.au and I
> think some students are surreptitiously using their account time for
> RC5...).

I agree.  For a given team, it would be advantageous to see what machines
have, if ever, joined the team.

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