[rc5] RC5 clients

RSA Crack Team rsacrack at camoes.rnl.ist.utl.pt
Sun Jun 15 11:57:11 EDT 1997

> How optimised are the RC5 clients? By my estimates, about a thousand
> cycles are used per key (I use a Pentium) - surely a few cycles can be
> knocked off that? (what are the chances that a thousand-cycle process is
> perfectly optimised?) Also, is the search used totally blind but 
> exhaustive rather than quickly culling keys which are obviously incorrect?
I have the source of 2 rc5 clients, and, by my analysis, it's highly
optimized. They are as fast as possible according to the RC5 algorithm,
but if you can cut that down everybody would like that. Each client only
thoes the encryption for one 32 bit word, warning the server if the public
word encrypted is the same as the crypted word it received.

I hope I've helped,

					Joao Miguel Neves
					 jmne at poboxes.com

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