[rc5] daily stat generations???

Brian J. Stewart bstewart at primary.net
Mon Jun 16 19:02:32 EDT 1997

Would it be possible to set up the following stats, and i REALLY THINK they
will become more important as the effort grows...

1) Generated daily... like say 00:00 GMT
2) TOP 100
3) SECOND 100

or maybe just a TOP 1000 -- generated weekly...

Some of us have been working hard since early on, but lack the number of
CPUs to stay easily visible in the TOP 100....

And if these LARGER stat lists were generated only once a day, or once a
week... that could keep a bit of overhead down.

Just a thought, and NOT worth 2 cents...

BTW, I heavily use TIMC's http://www.interlog.com/~tcharron/email.htm page
to keep track of our well teams are doing on a day-2-day basis... very good

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