[rc5] SYN flooding

Donald J. Rude donr at hbp.com
Tue Jun 17 18:46:37 EDT 1997


Has anyone (Personal proxy, RC5 client, OR full proxy) experienced any SYN
flooding?  I know it was a problem experienced by the genx servers.  I only ask
because I have a couple mysterious IP's in my proxy log and just recently got this
message from the OS. (I'm running Linux 2.0.30 with SYN cookies turned on)

> Jun 17 17:27:17 donr kernel: Warning: possible SYN flooding. Sending cookies.

	I don't know how to investigate this further (at the moment) but I am
going to try and find out more.  Perhaps future versions of the PERSONAL proxy
will have the ability to force e-mail credit.  That is, give credit to a
particular e-mail addy no matter who sends the notification to the proxy.  After
all it is a personal proxy.  This way people wouldn't bother using my proxy...
they would either start their own or use the full proxies.  In the least I would
like to be able to investigate what e-mails are traversing my proxy.  That would
be a more friendly type solution..  (Perhaps an e-mail address that doesn't match
what's in the INI file would trigger a log entry?)

BTW:  I guess you can add http://donr.hbp.com/ to the list of RC5 team home pages.
The team would be donr at hbp.com

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