[rc5] Personal PROXY ini settings, what they mean?

Andrew Glazebrook andgla at hna.com.au
Wed Jun 18 18:34:47 EDT 1997

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997 20:51:04 -0500, Brian J. Stewart wrote:

>Most I can get from what has been published, but I'm still *UNCLEAR* as to
>when the PROXY will send in its collected blocks??  Which stat says pile up
>XX checked keys then notify the main servers???

Thats the threshold value (so if it is 10, then it will try and do it when
you have 10 blocks done).

>If each line could have a brief blurb, and be put on the FTP it would solve
>a lot of minor repetitive questions.

	Yes, I found it a little confusing over what exactly everything does, but
you can work it out relatively quickly (and by asking dopey questions on
the #rc5 channel like I did :-).

	If nobody else wants to do better documentation for it, I'd certainly be
willing to (it is alright as it is, but a minor re-write would make things
a lot clearer, unless there is a lot of things not included in the doc

	I have a question about the server myself :-). How does it deal with
being shutdown? The system I run it on (a shame there isn't an OS/2
version), reboot, and when I loaded it back up it looked like it was
resuming from where I had left it, but I had to exit it quickly (so I used
the kill <process>) on it, but then when I next loaded it up it didn't
seem to remember what it had been up to previously (I have logging on, and
this is a linux system BTW). Does that mean I've lost the blocks which had
been processed and the blocks which were waiting to be processed?

	Now for some wish-list points for the personal key server :-).

	Something which would be great would be if it would synchronise its
notify passing on and its fresh block collection, so if one went off, the
other would as well. This would make dial on demand much more effective,
as if there are 4 blocks out getting checked here, and it reaches 10 left,
then it will connect to get another 50 blocks, and then when I have the 90
blocks checked, it will make another dialout to pass on the notification,
and this could be within an hour of the previous connection (I can't
adjust them to both go off at once as the four machines here range between
24 minutes a block and 14 hours a block, and there is a dialup user
helping with the odd block as well).

	Secondly, if the personal proxy server could take a few hundred (rather
than one hundred) blocks it would be much nicer as well. Even 120 would
half the number of refill calls (as I don't let the server wind down to 0
blocks left to get a new batch [so it only gets 50 blocks a call], though
I suppose I could try that). However if I could grab something like 500
blocks it would be great, as then I wouldn't need to fetch new blocks
anywhere near as often (and a few users could run the personal block
server off mine and get many more blocks done :-).

	Anyway, a big thanks for making the personal key server, it was a great
idea, and its a shame neither SolNet or the US Deschall effort have it
(though I suppose if they did, I wouldn't be working on this now :-).
Certainly the personal proxy server is very useful (I just don't want to
give the impression that I'm complaining about it when I'm just suggesting
improvements :-).

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