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Adam L. Beberg beberg at charlie.cns.iit.edu
Wed Jun 18 18:22:48 EDT 1997

A little more info about distributed.net

distributed.net was setup as a central point to coordinate large
distributed processing efforts. Cooperation is definately
the idea here, with rivalry to be the fastest in the pack :)
While it's fun to run as the lone wolf, the pack can take down a
much larger beast.

The Current project - RSA's RC5-56 challenge:
Unlike DES where the big metal has a clear advantage, Pentiums
and PowerPC chips are actually the fastest at cracking RC5 due
to their rotate instructions. We're working on releasing our v2
clients, about 30% faster on Intel chips, plus buffering,
firewall avoidance, and lots of other features. They will be
released when we are confident they work correctly, not before.

The Next Project - Mersenne Primes:
Large prime numbers. The current GIMPS effort is human coordinated
through Email. This means it can't handle the thousands of people
involved in DES right now. With our clients and proxy network, along
with deducing the unit of work we should be able to verify M35 and
find M36 in no time at all. There is also no "last" prime number, so
this can serve as the glue between other projects. The v3 clinets
that are under development should allow hot swapping of projects.

While we where caught a little off guard by the victory, our net can
handle all the DES hosts, please do look into the personal proxies
tho. We're also working to get the new clients out as soon as
possible, and the FAQ should be up in the next day.

For more info come to #rc5 on IRC's EFNet...

Also, while the distributed.net system is distributed, the web
server is not, and needs more RAM to handle everyone rushing there at
once - please be patient. Clients are available directly through

- Adam L. Beberg
  distributed.net coordinator
  beberg at distributed.net

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