[rc5] DOD For OS/2

Henry W Miller mill0440 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Wed Jun 18 22:31:40 EDT 1997

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Oscar Chang wrote:

> documentation for a PPP dialer called In-Joy. It has the ability to
> Dial-on-demand (without user intervention). So when the rc5 client needs a
> new key it'll try get get one, and if it's off line, in-joy will dial in
> pretty seamlessly. It even works for dynamic IP. You can grab the program
> at http://www.fx.dk
>   Of course this will be less of a problem when the new client come out
> and it's ability to grab 20 keys at a time, but for now... :)

There is a clinet for OS/2 that will dial for you at
RTFM though, it contains some scripts that will give credit to someone
other then you if you don't.  I'm not sure what all this requires, I dont'
use it myself, but I have it on my page.

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