[rc5] Client Output Parser

Evan Vetere vetere at avara.com
Thu Jun 19 00:08:28 EDT 1997

I mentioned this on the list a few months ago, figured I'd do it again for the new arrivals from DES...

I wrote a simple perl script to analyze the output from the rc5 client, independently of the distributed.net web server. This makes it possible to track your computer's progress when usin a personal proxy, for example, or even just save a trip to the web page (thing's a bit more verbose as well). It's moderately fast and quite short. You -must- be redirecting output to a logfile to use this script.   

Here's sample output:
Processed 4736 masks (avg 14 min/mask)
Keys completed: 1274263109632 (avg 338616 keys/sec)
Idle 13h25m

Available for all platforms at ftp://ftp.avara.com/usr/vetere/rc5stat.pl

-Evan Vetere
vetere at ethereal.net

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