[rc5] Linux Speedups...

Ben Schumacher bshoe at plinet.net
Thu Jun 19 03:35:52 EDT 1997

Question, would it be possible to get my hands on the code for the Linux
Intel/Sparc platforms(I assume they are the same, or at the very least,
similar).  I currently have access to 4 Intel/Linux boxes as well as 1
Sparc/Linux box.  I have been running the SolNET DES Cracks on it, but
seeing as how DESCHALL already beat DES, I thought I would try to join in
other cracking efforts.

So I joined the Bovine RC5.  However, I have noticed that the speeds of the
clients are very slow, compared to the SolNET ones.

On my P5/200 & P6 Intel/Linux Boxs I was getting over 1000000 Kkeys/sec,
but with the Bovine ones, I'm only reaching around 300000 keys/sec with the
P6 200 and just above 120 keys/sec with the P5 200's.  This is a dratistic
drop in performance.  I was hoping that if I had access to the sources, I
might try and see what I could do for speed ups. :-)

As well, on the one sparc I have access to, the machine, being already slow
is getting about 1/16th of the performence the SolNET clients were getting,
clocking in at about 19000 keys/sec.

At anyrate... I just thought I'd ask.

BTW: Please reply directly, as I am already on too many mailings list < ;-)
>  and not really planning to join this one(unless I can become more
involved somehow < ;-) >)

- Ben Schumacher <bshoe at plinet.net>
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