[rc5] Mac DESChall -> Mac Bovine RC5

TC Lai tclai at ucla.edu
Thu Jun 19 11:14:41 EDT 1997


Firstly, I'm glad to see so many DESChall people on board.  We killed DES in
a few months, with everybody from SOLNET onboard, we should be able to take
care of RC5 in half the time! ;)

But seriously, a couple of questions for the Mac people:

* Is there a new client in the works? (I just downloaded the Applescript to
automate starting up, but quitting is still iffy.)

* Is anyone working on PPC assembly optimization? (Andrew, are you doing RC5

* What's the deal with the keyserver?  I keep losing it and the client goes
into a sleep cycle that never stops.  Could this be due to the fact I'm on
PPP, or was the server actually on the fritz?

* I've heard of neat-o options to download a block and process it over the
weekend - is that coming to the Mac client anytime soon?

And some general questions:

* How bad is the spoofing?/Are rogue clients doing damage?
* If they are, is there any way of recovering that keyspace?
* When are the stats going to work? (so I can see how many people surged
into the RC5 effort after DESChall.)

Much thanks for all your help,


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