[rc5] Mac DESChall -> Mac Bovine RC5

Matt Lee mato at tir.com
Thu Jun 19 15:40:39 EDT 1997

At 1:14 PM on 6/19/97, TC Lai wrote:

> * Is there a new client in the works? (I just downloaded
> the Applescript to automate starting up, but quitting is
> still iffy.)

As Tris will tell you, I've been annoying him to death about it :)
I understand that he is working with one of the Mac DES people on
getting a new one prepared for the Mac OS.

As far as quitting goes; use Tris' current Mac client (available at
ftp.ethereal.net/pub/rc5) - it has a -e option which will quit the
client when the amount of work you specify is done. i.e. put in -h 15
-e and the client will autoquit after 15 hours of blocks are done.

> * I've heard of neat-o options to download a block and process
> it over the weekend - is that coming to the Mac client
> anytime soon?

Hope so; the buffering/disk saving would be especially nice for me,
since I've got at least 6 Macs (including an 8100/80) that aren't on
any sort of TCP/IP connection.

For all of you Mac DES people looking for a team to join, check out my
team's page at http://avara.com/rc5. We're ranked in the Top 30 and
we're mostly Mac OS-based computers (although we welcome anyone).


Matt Lee
zebe at avara.com

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